the record.

or: what it’s all about

We did a trip through Europe. However, it wasn’t an ordinary trip. We crossed the whole of Europe from north to south. Without a tank filling. And we’re the fastest ever (regarding the charging time of our electric car). How we did this? With efficiency, of course. We travelled in an extremely efficient electric car. We planned stops and speeds exactly. We excited every kilowatt-hour. We took every slope with us.

The passion for efficiency and modern technology is what drives us. We would be delighted if you would accompany us on our next trip: The Efficiency Tour 2018. If you’re interested to join, just drop us a line (or two) and help us to beat our current world record and – of course – write a little piece of (electric mobility) history. A story that is written with much lifeblood. And of course with efficiency.

Estimated travel time

~ 4 days

Estimated charging time

Below 9h 51m 54s*

*Current world record, not officially confirmed yet

Travel distance

6.204 km

Crossed countries

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain

Yes, even the press got wind of our story and wrote a few nice articles.

the team.

or: who you gonna call

Every great task involves a great team. The following three guys did the tour through Europe with the Tesla model S 100D. Maybe next time you’ll join them or even beat their world record within our Efficiency Tour 2018?

David Riemersma (NL)
– Marketing Manager and industrial designer

 „I love to create beautiful things, that’s why I started my own business five years ago to help other people with the marketing of their businesses. It takes determination to do this next to a full-time job, just like it takes determination to take this World Record! I love how the electric automotive technology has come so far, and want to prove it by breaking this record!“

Samuel Eckert (GER)
– CEO and founder of comceptPLUS

„Efficiency is our daily business. It’s my passion to get economically efficient systems running for our clients and efficient systems are what I love even in my private life. That’s why I’ve chosen to drive an electric vehicle like the Tesla Model S. It combines strength, speed and energy efficiency in an incredible way. With our Efficiency Tour we’d like to show and spread what is really possible with efficient planning and passion. You’re welcome to join us on our way!“

Roberto Valentino (GER)
– Owner of BCR

„I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. I love challenges and like to support special ideas. I am very pleased to be able to accompany the Efficiency Tour project and I am absolutely confident that we will achieve our ambitious goal together and write a little piece of history. I hope we’ll have a great trip and ‚always full batteries‘.“

the car.

the sponsors.

or: who’s making it happen

What does everyone have in common here? We are all fans of effectiveness. We are pleased that the following companies have decided to support our world record attempt. A big ‚thank you‘ to all supporters and we’re looking forward to explore together the limits of what is possible.

FIDEUS Consulting
CAPERA Immobilien Service
Tesla Service Center Frankfurt
ALSO Deutschland
GPS Live Tracking
Optimium Concepts

get in touch.

or: join the ride

Do you have any questions regarding our record attempt or would you even like to support us with a sponsoring to appear on this site and on our wagon? Would you like to attend for the Efficiency Tour 2018? Do you wonder what efficiency could do for your business? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re looking forward to hear from you!